Creatively analyze data between genders.


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GendPop is a fun and simple charting tool that compares gender based data on a percentage scale. Meaning, a number like 85 is recognized as 85%. It is easy to use. And, it takes you away from them boring generic charts you may see in other presentations.

Quick Glance

Below is a quick glance of GendPop.


Using GendPop

With GendPop, all you need to do is input some numbers and watch it go. And, if you choose to, you can assign a color to either figure. After that, you have the option of saving your work.

Number Input

To get GendPop to work, you have to enter a number from 0 to 100 in the input boxes. Moreover, you can enter numbers with up to two decimal places, such as 67.43 or 78.32. After you enter a number, you have to leave the box to view the results. To do this, press Tab or click outside the box.

Color Selection

In most browsers, changing the color is as simple as clicking on the color box and selecting a color. Unfortunately, a few browsers may not allow you to select a color. In this case, you will have to enter the hex color code yourself.

As with the input boxes, you must click out of the color box to apply your changes.

Saving Your Work

You have the option of saving your work. When you save your work, it is saved as a SVG file. This means, you can use it in almost any graphics application or desktop publishing program. And, it comes out crisp, as a vector-based file. This also gives you the chance to do some interesting things.

Comparisons Chart

The comparisons chart below shows you the different types of comparisons you can make with GendPop.

GendPop Comparisons Chart

To do some of these comparisons, you may need to open you saved chart in another application. Please take a look at the additional resources below to take your gender analysis to another level.

GendPop Samples

Here are some samples of GendPop that will hopefully give you ideas of how you want to use GendPop.

GendPop Sample

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